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    Walter Hegel
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    "My experience at Compass College was invaluable because they really put you out there and let you go for it. The pace of Compass was pretty intense, and I think that was helpful because the industry will require you to run a little bit faster than most other work. You have to put in effort and be a self-starter. Compass structured the program this way by design. I’ve worked on several seasons and variations of Top Chef. Working with the same company has allowed me the opportunity to work in both Production and Camera."
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    "I really enjoyed my time at Compass. People were there to pour into me and invest time into helping me grow. Since graduating, I’ve worked on the set of The Walking Dead and a couple TV shows. Now, I’m a part of a production company called Flex Shoot in the position of a Creative Director so I’m in charge producing original content. A career in film and digital media is something wonderful that you will love doing. But, it is a lot of hard work. The cool thing about Compass is, it kind of eases you into it so you’re not thrown into it or caught off guard. You show up to set your first day and you’re not lost."
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    Compass College, Cinematic Arts, Midwest College, Midwest Cinematic School
    Compass College is a faith-based college that provides hands-on training in the arts of scripting, filmmaking, digital media, and acting. Through classes taught by industry professionals and an exceptional internship program, students build valuable connections that lead to career success. Compass’ vibrant student community is dedicated to growing artistically and spiritually and committed to creating powerful stories with lasting impact.