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    Planner or Procrastinator?

    Will you prepare for college now, or later?

    Karen Langley

    Planner or Proscrastinor?Junior and senior year can be pretty demanding when it comes to time management. College visits, applications, interviews, SATs, scholarship searching—oh yeah, and school. In addition to all of your regular commitments with school and youth group, there's the big responsibility of planning ahead for college. That responsibility takes patience, persistence and organization. But most of all, it takes the ability to get started instead of putting things off. What's your style? Are you a planner or are you still getting around to it?

    1. You have an enormous research paper due in a couple of days. You:
    a. Are ready to go. You finished it and printed it out last weekend.
    b. Are waiting for your proofreaders to give you their feedback so you can put on the finishing touches.
    c. Figure you'd better stop by the library after school today and get started on the research.

    2. You've noticed lately that your tooth hurts whenever you eat something cold. How many times did you think, "I need a dentist appointment" before you actually asked your parents to call?
    a. Once—and how annoying that your dentist didn't have any openings that same day. But you have tomorrow's first appointment.
    b. A few times, and then you remembered to ask Mom to make an appointment.
    c. Oh, well, you'll get to it as soon as the pain gets bad enough.

    3. Your parents agreed to add you to their auto insurance policy if you'd pay your portion of the monthly bill. You:
    a. Cough up the cash at the beginning of each month. Anything to keep your parents happy—you'd have to pay twice as much for your own policy!
    b. Normally pay them within the first week of the month—unless you see something at the mall you just have to buy. Then, you pay them from your next paycheck.
    c. Often seem to be playing catch-up and paying your parents two or three months' worth of payments at once.

    4. When your friend loaned you the latest Third Day CD, she got it back: a. Before she had a chance to miss it.
    b. After you'd listened to it enough.
    c. It took so long that she forgot she owned it.

    5. You've been thinking for two weeks about inviting your lab partner to youth group. You're totally nervous about it, so you:
    a. Take a deep breath and ask him as soon as the teacher finishes explaining the assignment.
    b. Wait for a natural way to bring it up in conversation.
    c. Keep putting it off until you feel less and less guilty about putting it off.

    6. Your parents want you to get a job this summer. You figure you'll start looking:
    a. During spring break. That way, you'll beat the mad rush of students hunting for employment.
    b. Toward the end of the school year, maybe a couple of weeks before final exams.
    c. A week after school is out. Why are your parents always in such a rush?

    7. You know it's time to fill up the gas tank when:
    a. The needle drops below the three-quarters point.
    b. You see a cheap price on a gas station sign.
    c. The red "empty" light has been on for a while.

    8. When your youth pastor announces a ski trip in December, your name is:
    a. First on the sign-up list.
    b. Somewhere in the middle of the list.
    c. On the waiting list, because you didn't sign up in time.

    9. The day you spend most of your time thinking about is:
    a. Tomorrow. You've got so much to do!
    b. Today. It has more than enough to keep you busy.
    c. Yesterday. Where did it go, anyway?

    10. Your end-of-semester grades are, shall we say, not going to be posted on the fridge with a gold star—and you're dreading telling your parents. You:

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