Paying for College

    Maybe you just worked up your courage and peeked at the financial information section on the website of your child's top school. "Sticker shock" doesn't describe your feelings as your eyes land on the estimated costs—you mentally calculate exactly how many used (or new!) cars you could buy with a year's tuition, and you're tempted to believe you can't afford to send your student to a Christian college.

    The good news: First, you're not alone. Second, families rarely have to pay that sticker price for a college. Scholarships, grants and loans take a big chunk out of that cost. And a student's part-time job and the whole family's frugal living can help make ends meet. Third? You've got this section on Paying for College, full of advice to help you and your student figure out how to find funds to finance an education.

    Now that you've seen that big number—and heard the good news—we hope this section serves as a helpful, reassuring guide to this part of the process. But even more importantly, we hope you'll feel a sense of God's provision for your every need.