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    How We Made the College Choice: Olivet Nazarene University

    We asked current students at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois, to tell us how they knew they'd found the right school for them.

    Prepare for College"I was looking for a small school where professors are accessible and class participation is encouraged. I also wanted a safe place to explore and grow in my faith. Coming from a public school, I had never experienced having my faith incorporated into the classroom experience. I was excited that Olivet emphasized education with a Christian purpose. Olivet also had a wide variety of majors. I was unsure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but I knew that choosing Olivet meant I would have plenty of majors to choose from."

    —Cynthia, Junior

    "When making the college decision, I discovered that prayer is even more important than visiting campuses, talking to people, or applying to schools. It's the key to discerning where God wants you. There are so many things to think about, it can be confusing. So before, during, and after your decision, pray for the Lord's guidance. I felt like God led me to Olivet. I also knew when I visited campus for the first time that this campus was the place for me. I had a great time on the tour and visiting with admissions. Seeing how alive the campus was—even in the summer—got me excited to see the campus during the school year."
    —Alexander, Senior

    "I found that the most important thing to do was visit colleges. After my visit, I knew I was going to come to Olivet. I felt at home. I could tell that ONU was a Christian school that was real. The people I met were filled with the Spirit. I could tell theirlives were different and that really appealed to me."
    —Sarah, Senior

    "I wanted a school with great academics geared to the individual and a great community. During my weekend visit, I saw there was a ton of community among the students. I got to hang out with the Olivet students and ask them questions. I even played dodgeball with them. After the game, this girl said, 'You would fit in really well at Olivet.' That made me feel confident about going to Olivet."
    —Matthew, Senior

    "I applied to Olivet and got in. However, money was a big issue. My father kept saying, 'If this is where God wants you, you will be there.' So I continued to pray and seek what God wanted for me. Near the end of my senior year, I finally got a call stating I had received a huge scholarship. At that moment, I knew I belonged here. Christ will bring you to the place where you are supposed to be."
    —JP, Junior

    "I planned to attend the Air Force Academy, but then I visited Olivet and fell in love with the campus and the professors. I suggest that you take time to visit schools—and not just the one you feel strongest about, but others as well. Look at the campus life policy and make sure you agree with the rules and requirements. Ask upper-classmen what they think about the school. Make sure the school offers the type of academics you want. And make prayer the biggest part of your decision. Ask God where he wants you."
    —Amanda, Senior

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